I’ve been thinking about blogging for a while.  The past year has been a challenging and rewarding one.  Making change is never easy but is often necessary.  Recently for many reasons I’ve been challenged to assess what I believe. 

  • I believe in our better angels – that the soul/heart of human beings is fundamentally good and oriented toward the greater good.
  • I believe that tolerance leads to innovation and enlightenment.  I don’t know the answers but I bet all of us can figure it out.
  • I believe that the glass is half full.
  •  I believe in Glee – ok a bit of a joke but here’s the thing.  The last song in an episode last October was Joan Osborne’s “What if God was One of Us?”  I challenge us all to think about it.  If God came to us as a homeless person on the street, how would we treat him/her?  Be honest.  Do better.

About Kim

I'm a mom, marketing professional, elected official, and native Minnesotan, among other things. I believe actions speak louder than words but words can spur people into action. "Be the change you want to see in the world." - Gandhi
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